TZI 7,5-20/33W

$193.00 / EA - Each
  • Enclosed: No (TZI)
  • Output Current: 20 mA at 50 Hz
  • High Voltage: 7.5 kV
  • Duty Cycle: 33%
  • Main Voltage: 230 V AC (W)

Ignition transformer, unenclosed.

The TZI is designed for high-voltage spark ignition of gas burners and gas-ignited or directly ignited oil burners. The ignition transformer can also be used on burners with a single-electrode operation; the ignition current and ionization current flow over a common electrode.

The TZI must be mounted in a housing, e.g. in a control cabinet or within the TGI casing. It fulfills the requirements for enclosure IP 00.

The length of the main cable is approx. 410 mm.