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KS03155140 - GIK 25TN02-5

GIK 25TN02-5

Part #KS03155140

$278.00 / EA

Internal Thread : NPT

Size : 1"

The GIK with inlet pressure compensation diaphragm and zero shut-off serve to maintain a constant gas/air ratio and to control the gas pressure upstream of gas burners in systems without preheated combustion air.

For use in gas control lines in all sectors of the iron, steel, glass, and ceramics industries, as well as in commercial heat generation, such as the packaging and paper industries.

The GIK is actuated by the air line pressure. The valve plate is lifted from the valve seat and the gas flows into the regulator outlet area via the open valve seat. The outlet pressure is applied to the space above the working diaphragm via the impulse line. The outlet pressure is controlled in a ratio of 1:1 to the air control pressure. The inlet pressure compensation diaphragm ensures high control accuracy.

The burner capacity can be adjusted using the air control valve. Furnace pressure fluctuations have the same effect on the gas and air throughput so that the gas/air mixture will remain unchanged.

The spring can be used for compensating the weight of the measuring unit. In the low-fire rate range, the gas/air mixture can be set by adjusting the spring.

Adjustment at high-fire rate is carried out using restrictors or valves on the burner.

The zero shut-off prevents an increase in the outlet pressure when the consumer is switched off.

Test nipples have been installed to measure the static inlet, outlet and control pressures.

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