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BCSoft Guide


BCSoft is an application developed by Kromschröder that allows for countless customizations and optimal troubleshooting via a software interface. Data is exchanged between the device and BCSoft via a cable, commonly referred to as an Opto Adaptor


  • Displays the operating state of the burner control unit (BCU) and burner
  • Logs process data
  • Allows for parameter and application configurations

Compatibility Chart

There are two versions currently available with BCSoft, and are specific to each product.

BCSoft Compatibility chart


System Requirements

A PC must have these minimum requirements to run BCSoft:

  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM
  • Serial COM interface or USB port
  • Minimum .NET Framework 4.5

Getting Started Tutorial

The first time using BCSoft can be cumbersome. Our team has put together a quick video on how to connect a device to BCSoft. If you need further guidance, reach out to us at 317-890-0474 or [email protected].