DG 40VCT9-6W

$130.00 / EA
  • Switch Type: Compact - Switches With Rising Pressure
  • mbar: 2-16, 5-40
Compact Pressure Switch for gas

DG..C monitors the increasing or decreasing positive pressure of natural gas, town gas, LPG, flue gas, biologically produced methane and air e.g. on a gas control line.

For use with the valVario gas solenoid valves, the DG..C is attached to the valve with the flat sealing lower section.

If the gas pressure either exceeds or falls short of a set switching point, a NO contact or a change-over contact will switch in the pressure switch. The switching point may be adjusted using a hand wheel.

In the case of the double pressure switch DG../.. VC, the minimum and maximum switching point can be set on two hand wheels. Using this function, a system is controlled to prevent gas deficiencies and excess gas pressure. For pressure control it requires only one gas connection. The electrical connections can be fed in from one direction.

  • Features
  • Certifications & Ratings
  • Product Type Code
  • Little space required thanks to compact dimensions
  • Double pressure switch for minimum and maximum gas pressure monitoring in one unit


  • FM
  • UL
  • SIL PL
  • EAC


  • Ambient temperature: 5°F to 140°F (-15°C to 60°C)
  • Enclosure: IP 65
  • Hydrogen ready
DG..C Compact Pressure Switch for Gas
15-500 Max setting in mbar
V Switching point adjustable on hand wheel
C EU version, switches with falling pressure
CT US version, switches with rising pressure
CFT US version, switches with falling pressure
Connection Type
1 Connecton for valVario
9 Optional connection for valVario
Plug Type
-5 4-pin plug, without socket
-6 4-pin plug, with socket
Contact Type
S NO contact
W Change-over contact
G Gold-plated contacts