BIC 80HB-0/35-(16)F

$2,300.00 / EA

For industrial furnaces and firing systems in the iron and steel industries in the precious, nonferrous, and light metal sectors as well as in the plastics, fiber, and paper industries. BICs can also be used in thermal incineration installations, as well as in driers and hot-air generators.

The burner can be used in conjunction with the ceramic tube set TSC in furnaces with brick lining or ceramic fiber lining. Thanks to their medium to high outlet velocity (80 to 150 m/s), the BIC is ideal for industrial furnaces whose temperature is controlled by an impulse system.

  • Burner size: 80
  • Burner for gas, with connection for ceramic tube
  • Use: Hot air/high furnace temperature
  • Gas type: For natural gas
  • Length of steel tube as of furnace flange: 0 mm
  • Distance from furnace flange to front edge of burner head: 35 mm
  • Burner head identifier: 16
  • Construction stage: F