ZKIH 150/100R

$536.89 / EA
  • Protective tube length: 150 mm

Length: 150 mm, Plus 100 mm

Replacement for KS84214010

For use as a pilot burner for safe ignition of main burners in industrial furnaces and firing systems in the iron and steel industries in the precious, non-ferrous and light metal sector, as well as in the plastics, fiber and paper industries. Can also be used as an independently operated burner for applications requiring a burner capacity of 2 to 7 kW (for natural gas max. 5 kW).

The pilot burner is available in different lengths. It has a splash-proof housing. On delivery, the burner is equipped for operation with natural gas. It can easily be converted for operation with LPG or town gas.

  • Diverse possible applications thanks to splash-proof connection housing
  • Pilot burners with forced air supply
  • Simple conversion of gas types from natural gas to LPG or town gas
  • Reliable electrical ignition thanks to spark electrode
  • Safe flame control thanks to flame rod
  • Different lengths make them suitable for many installation situations