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KS84315206 - UVS 10L2

UVS 10L2

Part #KS84315206

$505.00 / EA

Internal Thread : NPT

Glass Type : Quartz glass heat guard lens (L)

Adapter Type : 1/2" Internal Thread

For monitoring gas burners of unlimited capacity with or without a fan, on hot-air furnaces, gas-fired boilers, industrial furnaces, and excess-gas flaring installations in conjunction with Kromschröder automatic burner control units and burner control units.

The UV sensor monitors the gas burner in intermittent operation. The burners can either be ignited directly or operated as pilot and main burners.

The UV tube detects the ultraviolet light of a flame. In the case of incident UV light, alternating current flows through the UV tube and is converted into a DC signal by the UV sensor. The DC signal can be processed by a flame signal amplifier.

The UV tube does not respond to daylight, incandescent bulb light, or infrared radiation emitted by hot workpieces or red-hot furnace walls. A quartz glass heat guard insulates the UV tube against the hot furnace atmosphere and protects against moisture, dirt, and heat.

The designed lifetime of the UV tube is approximately 10,000 operating hours. For safety reasons, it must be replaced after this period.