FDU 510Q0T2/101-0K1

$334.00 / EA
  • Operation Type: Intermittent (510)
  • Main Voltage: 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Q)
  • Flame Control: Flame rod (0)
  • Electrical Connection Type: Screw terminals (K1)

The FDU series provides OEMs, burner manufacturers, and end users with a state-of-the-art flame monitoring capability for gas burners across a wide range of applications – from hot-air furnaces and gas-fired boilers to industrial furnaces and excess-gas flaring installations. 

Replacing the IFW 15/50, Honeywell's R4343, and BC1000 flame relay models, the new FDU enables multi-flame control or multi-point monitoring in conjunction with burner control units (BCUs) such as the BCU 560 or a failsafe PLC with a standard-compliant flame monitoring device.

The FDU 510 monitors gas burners in intermittent /non-permanent operation (applications of less than 24 hours). The compact footprint of the unit means that it can be easily integrated and mounted with other equipment in a cabinet, providing convenient access for maintenance and repair. It can be installed on a DIN rail in the control cabinet. Plug-in connection terminal strips on the FDU make it easier to install and remove.

Using the BCSoft program and the optional opto-adapter PCO 200, it is possible to set parameters to suit an application and also to read analysis and diagnostic information from the flame detector.