MPT 700A

$5,170.60 / EA
  • Main Voltage: 110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

19" module for converting a controller signal to pulse cycles for gas burners. This intermittent operation circulates the atmosphere in the oven or kiln and thus achieves a uniform temperature distribution and a shorter heat-up time on all gas-fired heat treatment ovens.

Eight different operating modes can be programmed on the MPT 700. For instance, it is possible to increase temperature accuracy and achieve controlled cooling via the air valves in Heating and Cooling mode. The pollutant emissions are reduced by optimum burner operation On/Off or High/Low. The impulse system can control one or two zones with up to eight outputs. One or more burners can be connected per output.

  • Input signal: 2 x 0(4)–20 mA or three-point step
  • 8 pulse outputs can be used
  • Positive logic
  • Single or two-zone operation (no external pulse relay is required)
  • One output per zone for switching over Heating/Cooling
  • 8 adjustable operating modes
  • 3 digital inputs for switching over between two parameter sets and to a fixed capacity demand per zone