DL 1ET-1

$96.00 / EA
  • WC: 0.08-0.4
  • mbar: 0.2-1
DL Pressure Switch

Thanks to its slim design and low adjusting range, the DL air pressure switch can be used for fan monitoring on condensing boiler units or on atomospheric wall-mounted units with flue gas fan.

The switch DL switches in the event of rising or falling pressure. Once the set switching point is reached, a micro switch is activated in the DL.

The switching pressure is adjusted against a spring force using an adjusting screw

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  • FM
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  • Ambient temperature: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Enclosure: IP 10/21
Type Code for DL..ET
DL..ET Pressure Switch for Air
1 Adjusting range 0.08–0.4 “WC (0.2–1 mbar)
3 Adjusting range 0.12–1.2 “WC (0.3–3 mbar)
5 Adjusting range 0.2–2 “WC (0.5–5 mbar)
10 Adjusting range 0.4–4 “WC (1–10 mbar)
50 Adjusting range 1–20 “WC (2.5–50 mbar)
E With tube connection, adjusting screw
T T-product
-1 AMP plug connection (UR recognized)