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KS84447932 - DG 150HT-22N

DG 150HT-22N

Part #KS84447932

$157.00 / EA

mbar : 30-150

Switch Type : Manual - Switches With Rising Pressure

WC : 12-60

Pilot Lamp/LED : Blue 120 V

NPT Connections (1/4") : 2

The gas pressure switch DG monitors extremely low pressure differentials and triggers switch-on, switch-off or switch-over operations if a set switching point is reached. The switching point can be adjusted using a hand wheel.

It monitors positive and negative gas pressures on various industrial gas and air appliances, such as boiler fan monitoring and differential pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Pressure switches with manual reset lock off after switching. Pressure switches (DG..T) with UL, FM approval are fitted with a nozzle to limit the flow rate (Vent limiter).

This is an alternative to Honeywell C6097B1002/U and C6097B3002/U