$666.00 / EA
  • Valve Size: 2
  • Solenoid Speed: Quick Opening, Quick Closing (N)
  • Main Voltage: 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Q)
  • Proof of Closure: Gold Plated, Left to Right (GR)

Gas solenoid valve (VAS) for safeguarding and controlling the air and gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances. For use in gas control and safety systems in all sectors of the iron, steel, glass and ceramics industries, as well as in commercial heat generation, such as the packaging, paper and foodstuffs industries.

The modular design principle allows the individual components of the VAS, VCS Series to be easily assembled: e.g. quick opening, slow opening, with proof of closure switch and visual position indicator, slow opening with attached pressure switch

  • Suitable for a max. inlet pressure of 500 mbar (7 psig)
  • Easy installation into a system
  • Compact design saves space
  • No extra valve required owing to integrated flow adjustment
  • Check indication by blue LED
  • Suitable for high-duty cycling

Modularly configurable with:

  • Damping unit
  • Proof of closure switch
  • Plug (with or without socket)
  • Pressure test nipples
  • Screw plugs
  • Pressure switch DG..C for inlet and/or outlet pressure
  • Tightness control TC
  • Bypass/pilot gas valve
  • Attachment block for the connection of a pressure gauge, for example