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Part #KS88036099

$372.00 / EA

Main Voltage : 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Q)

Solenoid Speed : Slow Opening, Quick Closing (L)

Valve Size : 1

The valVario solenoid valve for air VAA is used for the staged control of industrial burners in cold air operating mode. The modular design principle allows the individual components of the VAA series to be easily assembled, for example quick opening, slow opening, with position switch, with mounted pressure switch and with a variable bypass.

The solenoid valve for air VAA is closed when de-energized.

Opening: connect the system to the electrical power supply (alternating voltage will be rectified). The blue LED lights up. The coil’s magnetic field pulls the armature with the attached valve plates upwards. The solenoid valve for air VAA opens. The double valve seat means that the forces from the inlet pressure are divided almost equally between the two valve seats.

Closing: disconnect the VAA from the electrical power supply. The blue LED goes out. The armature is pressed into its initial position by the closing spring. The solenoid valve for air closes within 1 second.