IC 40A2AR10

$1,144.00 / EA
  • Type: IC 40
  • Running Time: Adjustable between 4.5 - 75s
  • Main Voltage: 120-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz (A)
  • Torque: 2.5 Nm (2)
  • Control: 4 – 20 mA analogue input (A), Feedback potentiometer (R10)

Actuator IC 40 is designed for all applications that require precise, controlled rotary movement between 0° and 90°. It can be mounted directly onto the butterfly valves BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, BVH, BVHS or linear flow control VFC in order to control the gas and air flow rates on gas burners.

An optional integrated feedback potentiometer offers the option of monitoring the current position of the actuator. This checking function can be used in automation processes.

The IC 40 can be used on continuously-controlled burners and on stage-controlled burners. Settings on the actuator IC 40 can be made using a PC with the programming software BCSoft, a free application which can be downloaded here. All the relevant settings for the process are made using the software via an optical interface. Various operating modes, which may be modified, are stored in the unit. In addition, the control type (two-point step signal, three-point step signal or continuous control), running times, adjustment angles and intermediate positions can be programmed.

The actuator can also be controlled “by hand” using the software.

Once set, all the parameters can be saved on the PC and copied from there into other actuators, thus saving time during the commissioning process. Service technicians can call up statistical data using BCSoft, such as hours of operation, actuating cycles and a fault history. Some values can also be set to zero, for example to record data over a specific period of time.

  • For complex applications with programmable functions for flexible adjustment to the process, with statistics and fault history to support service personnel
  • Position indicator that can be read externally
  • Spacious connection chamber for ease of installation

NOTE: attachment sets are not included with the Actuator. Please click here to see mounting options sold, or review the Technical Information guide below.