$1,147.00 / EA
  • BCU Type: 370
  • Main Voltage: 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Q)
  • Digital Input Function: DGmax monitoring (D1)

Burner control unit BCU 370 controls, ignites and monitors industrial forced draught burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent or continuous operation.

It can be used for directly ignited forced draught burners or forced draught burners ignited by a pilot burner. The BCU 370 activates the fan and sets the connected butterfly valve to pre-purge and ignition positions. After pre-purge and burner start, the controller enable signal is issued to an external controller which positions the butterfly valve in accordance with the capacity demand. Post-purge occurs after the end of burner operation. The burner control unit BCU 370 monitors the gas and air pressure. An optionally integrated tightness control function checks the valves with an external gas pressure switch.

  • For modulating, forced draught burners for gas of unlimited capacity in intermittent or continuous operation
  • Control of fan and butterfly valve
  • Simple system set-up thanks to optional tightness control and integrated ignition unit
  • Easy start-up and maintenance thanks to Manual operating mode

The quick-start option allows standard-compliant start-up of the forced draught burner without pre-purge after a controlled shut-down. This avoids unnecessary admission of air into the combustion chamber. The heat output is available as quickly as possible after a temperature demand.

The program status, the device parameters and the level of the flame signal can be read directly from the BCU. An integrated Manual mode allows manual start of the burner and setting of the butterfly valve position independently of the central control system. The BCSoft operator-control and setting software provides a powerful tool for commissioning and servicing.

To reduce the installation and wiring costs, KromAmericas offers an optional PROFIBUS DP interface to transfer the activation signals and feedbacks.

Programmability by means of the optical interface and BCSoft PC software guarantees optimum adaptation to the relevant application. Adjustable start-up attempts and automatic restart which can be activated ensure the high flexibility of the burner equipment.