BCU 560QC0F0U0D0K1-E

$785.00 / EA
  • BCU Type: 560
  • Main Voltage: 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz (Q)
  • Valve Proving System: None (C0)
  • Capacity Control: None (F0)
  • High Temp Operation: None (D0)
  • Electrical Connection Type: Screw terminals (K1)

The BCU 560 & 565 burner control units control, ignite and monitor industrial gas burners in modulating or staged control. They can be used for directly ignited industrial burners of unlimited capacity. The burners may be modulating-controlled or stage-controlled. Their fast reaction to various process requirements makes the BCUs suitable for frequent cycling operations.

On industrial furnaces, they reduce the load on the central furnace control by taking over tasks that relate to the burner, for example, they ensure that the burner ignites in a safe condition when it is restarted.

  • Multi-flame control in conjunction with flame switch IFW 15
  • Optional air valve control
  • Optional airflow monitoring for tube-firing burners
  • Optional valve proving system/POC input
  • PROFINET fieldbus connection using optional bus module
  • Optional remote display for external panel mounting
  • Integrated front panel display indicates operating and fault status and provides ease of set-up with manual-mode
  • Front panel PC interface for programming, diagnostics, and data logging

BCU560 Type Code