KIFC 1 Assembly

$0.00 / EA
  • Valve Size: 1

The KIFC is composed of a VFC (linear flow control valve) and an IC 20 or IC 40 actuator. It is designed to adjust volumes of gas and cold air on various appliances. It is designed for control ratios up to 25:1 and is suitable for regulating flow rates for modulating-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes.

Use the selection tool on the right to pick the IC, VFC, and inlet/outlet flanges. For a detailed breakdown of each component, see the Type Code below.

Sizes available are 3/8" - 1". If larger sizes are needed, refer to our KIFC Assembly - Size 3.

KIFC type code - size 3

IC Actuator
Inlet Flange
Outlet Flange
Mounting Hardware
Assembly (required)