Meet the Team

KromAmericas Team

Ken Bradway

Ken Bradway

President & Founder

Ken started in the process control industry in 1989, doing maintenance work for a powder coating facility. On September 14, 1990, Ken started at Loy Instrument as a technician. He has spent time servicing, integrating, and engineering a wide variety of process controls and combustion systems. Ken became a partner at Loy Instrument in 2008 and took over as President in 2018.

In 2020, Ken founded KromAmericas. 

Favorite Hobbies: church, backpacking, horses, and reloading

Favorite Quote: "Never let success get to your head or failure get to your heart" ~ Ziad K. Abdelnour

Favorite Movie: Last of the Dogmen

Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Business Manager

In 2020, Chris joined KromAmericas. He was tasked with developing a team, establishing best practices and procedures, and managing the implementation of the website.

Chris manages the day-to-day operations at KromAmericas. While he is new to this line of business, he's quickly grown to develop a passion for the industry, and takes every opportunity he has to visit customers and learn more about their business needs.

Prior to KromAmericas, Chris directed multiple project management and implementation departments for software start-ups in Indianapolis.

Favorite Food: It's hard to beat a buffalo chicken wrap!

Favorite Activities: Chris and his wife spend a lot of time cheering on their two teenage kids at band competitions and track meets.

Jon Fogleman

Jon Fogleman

Fabrication Shop Manager

Jon started at Loy Instrument in the winter of 2008, building electrical dispersion units. In 2009, he was promoted to Fabrication Manager, and set about the task of creating a fab shop to build valve trains and electrical enclosures for the combustion industry.

Fast forward to 2023, and Jon was offered a startup role as Fabrication Manager at KromAmericas (Yes, he's doing it again!)

Favorite Hobbies: Kayak fishing, basketball, did we say fishing? Hiking with his dogs, video games and home remodels

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Favorite TV Show: Reacher

Favorite Food: Filet Mignon with baked potato and steamed broccoli (Yeah, it's a meal!)

Favorite Quote: "Plan for the worst, hope for the best!"

Kevin Keffaber

Kevin Keffaber

Technical Application Engineer

Kevin joined KromAmericas in 2020. He brings over three decades of expertise working in the industrial electric and automation field. Kevin has been instrumental in building out the technical support department and loves being out in the shop building valve trains or learning something new about the Kromschroder product line.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys weight training, fishing in his pond, target practice, and hanging out with his English Bull Terrier, Piper.

Favorite Food: He is definitely a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy. Growing up on a farm will do that to you!

Favorite Hobbies: Kevin loves the guitar. He's continually learning...for the past 45 years. Ask him about his guitar collection! 

Favorite Quote: “One day or day one, you decide.”

Logan Rowlett

Logan Rowlett

Technical Support Specialist

In 2021, shortly after graduating high school, Logan joined the Loy Instrument shipping & receiving department. In the fall of 2022, KromAmericas was looking to add another technical resource to the team. Logan's proven track record with Loy, his eagerness to learn new things, and his previous experience with robotics in high school, he was a natural fit.

When not working through technical support requests from customers, Logan can be found in the warehouse tinkering with demo units or finding new and creative ways to use the 3-D printer.

Favorite Food: PIZZA

Favorite Hobbies: Video games, 3-D printing / 3-D modeling, and brain puzzles (Logan is known for having a Rubix's Cube sitting on his desk)

Favorite Quote: “Nothing other people do is because of you. It’s because of themselves.” ~ Miguel Ruiz

Pam McCord

Pam McCord

Customer Support Specialist

Pam joined KromAmericas in October 2020. She assists with order processing and quote requests. Prior to that, she worked at Maxon Corporation.

Favorite thing to do outside of work: Travel

Favorite Hobby: Landscape design

Favorite TV Series: Escape to the Country

Favorite Food: Crème Brulee

Inspirational Quote: “Adventure Awaits”

Pam McCord

Cheyenna Townsend

Customer Support Specialist

Cheyenna joined the team in late 2023. She's likely the first person you'll talk to when calling into Customer Support. She assists with order processing and quote requests. Prior to coming onboard, Cheyenna worked in the home health care field and retail management

Favorite Food: Pizza & Pasta

Favorite Things to Do: Walk trails, Family bonding activities (game nights, movie nights)

Favorite Show: Real Crime TV

Inspirational Quote: “Be yourself. Love yourself. Shine in front of those who never thought you could!”

Andrew Knuckles

Andrew Knuckles

Purchasing Manager

Andrew started with Loy Instrument on July 7, 1997, in customer service - general order and quote entry and working the sales counter to help out with local contractors. Testing and specking FSG controls were a couple of the tasks Andrew liked most.

In 2018, Andrew became Loy Instrument's purchasing manager, and took on the same role when KromAmericas was founded.

Favorite Food: Anything off the smoker

Favorite Activities: Spending time with his grandkids, fishing, gaming, and watching westerns

Favorite Quote: “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

James Name

James Nash

Warehouse Manager

James started with Loy Instrument in 2020, shortly before KromAmericas was begun. He has worked in warehousing and shipping since 2013.

Favorite Book: Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis

Tia Lazaropolis

Tia Lazaropolis

Shipping & Receiving

Bio coming soon.

Tyler Santee

Tyler Santee

Mechanical Engineer

Tyler is a 2022 graduate from Rose-Hulman. Through a previous pharmaceutical employer, he had the opportunity to travel abroad to Italy and Mexico for training. Tyler joined Loy Instrument/KromAmericas in 2023. He assists the engineering department with the mechanical aspects of projects such as designing gas trains and 3D modeling.

Favorite Movie: Literally anything Harry Potter

Favorite Activities: Going to local dirt/asphalt races, watching Game Show Network, playing video games and petting dogs

John Nash

John Nash

System Administrator

John joined Loy Instrument in 2019 as the company's first and only IT staff. From end-user support to network infrastructure, John manages all things technology for Loy Instrument & KromAmericas. He enjoys programming and automation to make himself and the company more efficient.

Favorite Hobbies: Basketball, woodworking, playing cards and board games

Favorite Food: Ribeye steak

Favorite Movie: The Lego Movie