Integrated Flow Control Assemblies


Kromschroder Integrated Flow Control Valve

  • The standard Kromschroder linear flow valve (KIFC) is designed to adjust volumes of gas and cold air on various appliances. The valve-actuator combination is designed for control ratios up to 25:1. The combination uses Kromschroder’s VFC linear valve and IC20/IC40 linear actuators.
  • The actuators are designed for 120VAC 50/60 Hz operation and controlled by a continuous 4-20mA or 0-10V signal to regulate flow rates for combustion processes.
  • The IC40 actuator offers additional functions, with its parameters adjustable using the BCSoft programming software via an optical interface. This allows the IC40 actuator’s running time, angle of rotation, and intermediate positions to be programmed and adjusted.
  • Additional key attributes of these valve-actuator combinations include low leakage rates and high control accuracy.
  • The standard Kromschroder linear flow valve comes equipped with ISO 7005 flanges, with pipe thread flanges available separately as optional components.
  • Alternate actuator power, signal, and torque options are available upon request.

Optional Components

Pressure Rating

  • 7.25 psi maximum

Temperature Rating

  • -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to + 60°C)

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Cylinder Size Part Number with IC20 Part Number with IC40 Capacity cfh Natural Gas Pressure Drop @1 psi Inlet
8 KIFC 20-08 KIFC 40-08 345 4”
15 KIFC 20-15 KIFC 40-15 925 4”
20 KIFC 20-20 KIFC 40-20 1975 4”
25 KIFC 20-25 KIFC 40-25 2500 4”
32 KIFC 20-32 KIFC 40-32 3925 4”
40 KIFC 20-40 KIFC 40-40 7000 4.2”