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Self-recuperative burner, offering best in class NOx emissions and improved efficiency


  • Best in Class NOx performance < 100ppm NOx in all flameless capacities, as low as 25ppm, air/gas valves, tube & inserts, and piping NOx (corrected to 3% O2) in certain ranges
  • Flame and Flameless modes: switching temperature of 850°C (1560°F)
  • Up to 7% improved efficiency over standard ECOMAX®
  • 3 burner sizes covering a capacity range of 36 to 100 kW (136 to 378 kBTU/h)
  • Available with metallic recuperator (..M) or with a ceramic recuperator (..C)
  • Fits in the same footprint as the current Ecomax® for easy upgrades
  • Packaged with BCU4 Series controls
  • Fuel type: natural gas, gas supply pressure 80 mbar / 32” w.c.
  • Air supply pressure 90 mbar / 36” w.c.
  • Flame velocity: 120 to 150 m/s
  • Control: ON/OFF or HIGH/LOW pulse


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