VFC 3T-/-05-32PPPP

$1,094.00 / EA
  • Valve Size: 3
  • Cylinder Size: 32

The KIFC is composed of linear flow control VFC and actuator IC 20 or IC 40. It is designed to adjust volumes of gas and cold air on various appliances. The KIFC is designed for control ratios up to 25:1 and is suitable for regulating flow rates for modulating-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes.

Actuator IC 20 is controlled by a modulating signal or three-point step signal. Actuator IC 40 offers additional functions. It can be adjusted using the BCSoft programming software via an optical interface. The control type (two-point signal, three-point step signal, or continuous control), running times, angles of rotation, and intermediate positions can thus be programmed.

Fastener Set

To attach an IC 20 or IC 40 to the linear flow control VFC, use KS74921082